Saturday, 20 September 2008

Putting Your Best Face Forward II By Happiknits

Ok, all, let's talk Fall 2008 looks! Makeup trends span from soft and etheral to full eighties color modernized. First up, I think most of you will start to realize that I am a huge fan of MAC. Especialy the eyeshadows. They stay on so well. I always apply them with a brush and the darker colors I use wet as liner (you can buy an awesome slant brush from MAC for ease in applying). MAC is showing a gorgeous full color eye in a smoky deep blue. This look is achieved by blending 2 shadows- carbon and freshwater with a kohl eye pencil (blooz). This is a definite evening look, and anyone can try this, just vary the blending. Remember, the secret to successful eyeshadow application is to blend, blend, and blend some more.

Speaking of blending....the smoldering eye is also big this fall. Shown with a "nude" lip. Try MAC myth lipstick covered with Nice Buzz lipglass, so pretty! The smolder effect is acheived with a brush and blending. You can also apply some kohl eyeliner to the eye and blend that with a brush until you have acheived the look you are shooting for. Have fun!!! Play around in front of the mirror~~~ Be GIRLY :) I love this shadowy lady compact that MAC has out in their new fall line.

Have I mentioned yet that the MAC lipgloss is awesome? It has a slight vanilla scent to it and it stays on for a long time. I find myself only wearing lipgloss now. My favorites are Viva Glam V and VI. A portion of the proceeds go to charity.

MAC is also showing a gold eye. Golden lemon pigment, Brun (this color is great wet as a liner and should be in every women's makeup collection) When used dry Brun gives a smoky look. This is a stunning look and perfect to take you through the fall and right into the holidays!!!
Classic glam, aka the 80's Morgan Fairchild look is making a come back. Smoky eyes, lined with deep color around the eye and dark red lips. Ooohhhlala- look out for this seductress!!
Another trend spotted is Red lips! A little tip for wearing red lipstick to prevent the dreaded "bleed" of color onto the upper lip. Use a lipliner in either a matching red or neutral and color in the whole lip, making sure to line the edges nicely, then apply lipstick, blot, apply a little more and then top off with gloss. Perfect!!
Also spotted are bigger brows- think Brooke Shields here! Tweeze less or for a real treat have your eyebrows threaded. This is an Indian technique that gives a great line.
Tune in next month when I will be reviewing some new products- Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado, Philosophy's help me retinol night cream and Philosophy's Supernatural.
Until then, have fun!!!


Beth said...

Thanks for the tips, Becca! I love reading your posts!

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ooooh i love buying makeup! i rarely wear it, but i'm still addicted... and don't even get me started on my nail polish!

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