Sunday, 14 September 2008

Filling the Well - 2

This week I have been thinking birdies. A lot of my art work at the moment has been inspired or features little birds, so in honour of the tweeting creatures I am dedicating this weeks post to them!

Designer of the week

First stop is this amazing designer Thomas Paul, who I found at this aladin's den of design Velocity. These plates are from his "Aviary Dessert Plate" collection. There are also a whole selction of wonderful designer here, a must stop for your wish lists.

Flickr Photo of the week
This is "Paper Bird" by Scream Phenix (Oliv). I love how the background seems like it is part of the bird, and the text on the paper.

Etsy shop of the week

This is only one of a beautiful selection of pendants from ThePendantFactory, who sell upcycled Scrabble Tiles covered with funky designs. I don't really wear jewellery but have been thinking about buying myself a few of these and hanging them in a little shelf in my living room.

Fun Find

My last find this week is to replace my recipe of the week, I thought it would be kind of tasteless to feature these little birdie in a meal, so instead I found this fun "Warbling Bird Whistle" instead! I think this may be in my bo's Christmas pile this year, he would love it and it's only 49p.

Thanks so much for all your inspirations last week, it is lovely how you can see them relfected in our work. What inspirations have you found this week?


Beth said...

Love it! Great finds and inspirations. Thanks, Laura!

ei! kumpel said...

oh the birds are so cute!!

Becca said...

Awesome Laura! I L*O*V*E* that pendant :)


very cute birds, lovely selection :-) I hope everything is well with you laura :-)