Sunday, 14 March 2010

March Challenge - Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was of course released last week and with it being a much-loved story to many of us, it was natural for us to use it as the inspiration to our March Challenge! So, we created a mood board for us to reference to and picked out some key colours for us to work with such as the ever-important Alice Blue, Cherry Blossom Mauve, Enchanted Forest Green, Queen of Hearts Red and Duck-Egg Blue.
First up is knittingguru's beautiful red heart scarf made with merino wool which I could totally see around the Red Queen's neck!Eikumpel has created these lovely felt bow brooches which you could pin anywhere you like! I particularly like it on the collar of a shirt and it is something Alice would absolutely love to wear! She also created the sweetest felt bow hair comb.Kristensteinfineart's original 'Enchanted Garden' painting is beautiful and takes you back to Alice's first venture into Wonderland where she meets the talking flowers and the Cheshire Cat.I (nuvonova) had Alice in mind when I created this white, polka dot tutu! I also wanted to include my key charm necklace that comes with a complimentary keyhole pouch!AllThingsPretty has this clutch bag with patchwork and appliques, beading, lace, shells, an antique mother of pearl button, flowers, claw-set rhinestone, turquoise gem, vintage sparkling embroidery and is so intricate and truly beautiful!Bibabijoux is offering this 'Romantic Bow Brooch' and this 'Red Aluminium Necklace' which again, is something I could easily vision on the Red Queen's neck! Happiknits created a pair of handknit merino fingerless gloves "in a perfectly feminine lilac which were inspired by Alice. The book, the movie, the song." She specifically loved the altered couture take on Alice's wardrobe in the new movie which I feel she has translated perfectly!
Norakaren has these sweet painted strawberries on vintage mary-janes which also have teardrop beads on them!
CliqueDaCour has this white tulle and lace dress with pink bow!