Friday, 20 June 2008

Weekly Happenings on the Team 6/20/08

Happy Friday!

The team is busy working on their items for the June team project.  The theme this month - sunset colors with a tribal or ethnic feel to it.  The definition around this month's theme was definitely very loose so it should be interesting to see what this creative team comes up with!  Aly has finished this beautiful necklace, crocheted in 100% cotton with wooden beads.  Just beautiful, as always!  Aly's items fly off the shelf!

Look for other fantastic items showing up soon in the team shop.  Check it out at

There are still some beautiful items from the May project - our debutante ball - introducing the new FDL team!  There were more amazing items added after the introduction date, such as this fabulous print by StarGazer.   Isn't this one magical?

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Our very own Amy of amysfunkyfibers will have a scarf featured in the July/August issue of Figure magazine on Page 53!  Huge congratulations to Amy!  We all know how hot scarves are this season and Amy's are to die for!  Each silk chiffon scarf is hand dyed in gorgeous patterns and colors. Snatch one up today at

Here's Amy's featured scarf:

We are currently going through our membership roster to clean it up and ensure that all members are active.  If you have not responded to Laura yet, please do so!

Lastly, on a personal note, the team is all anxiously awaiting news of mylittleaura's newest addition!  Good luck, Barbara, and let us know when your newest little one arrives!

That's all the news from around the world for the FDL Team.  Have a great weekend!



angeliaa said...

I joined this team earlier. But just now found the blog. I would like to continue to be a member.

my little Aura said...

beautiful necklace! I just love it! and congrats to Amy, great work.

Forgot about the's amazing

have a great weekend!

Laura B said...

The necklace, scarf and art work are all beautiful and the weekly happenings are a great idea!


I am so proud of Ammy!! her scarves are gorgeous,. congratulations Ammy, and Karen art is so beautiful! I loved the combinations! ;-)

Nora said...

I love to see all this talented featured. The blog looks awesome!
Congrats Amy, Karen great art-space-work and Aly, always amaze me!

ei! kumpel said...

Congrats to everyone! go team!

(oh and I love this weekly happenings!)

Karin said...

I love the necklace ALy and Amy the scarves in your shop...stunning!

I love the idea of this weekly happening!

Becca said...

This team is so talented!! Amy your scarfs are gorgeous, Best of luck Barbara :) 3 sales as of this am!!!

Nora said...

Go team! Great for the new sales and additions to the group items!

Karma by Morgan said...

go team go!!!