Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Beginners Guide to Blogging - 2

"Contessa- Camera and Coffee" by RSilver

Todays post is all about the importance of using photographs in your blog. Firstly I have to admit I scan down a blog and look at the pictures first and get a feel for the place and if I'm drawn in I will read and read on. It is great way to show little snippets of your work, life or surroundings and makes your readers feel like they are learning more about you or your products.

"Indulging" by afancifultwist

Another factor is that if you develope a style readers begin to recognise your photography or products through time. For me a great example of this is a fancilful twist. I instantly know by her style and wonderful bright colours that a image has been created with her signiture. (We will have an interview with afancifultwist soon, as she is someone I consider a Successful Blogger and she is willing to share some knowledge with us!)

There is some really useful information here at Smart Blogging Tips for how to load photos to your blog for typepad, blogger and wordpress. And we may get a post from our very own Stargazer29609, with some photography tips.

"Electric Roses" by Laura

I tend to use a mixture of my own images and Flickr. Always let people know when you have used one of there images and tell them where it is (a link). Always quote the image name and photographers name, and as a courtisy I add a link to their Flickr page, Etsy shop or Blog. Flickr is fairly easy to use, you can upload your own photos, join groups to add your photos and search for imges with anything as a title. I find it a great pool of inspiration. I had a bit of help when I started out and would be happy to help anyone who needed it.

Thanks for all your comments on the last post and if you have any ideas or things you want to contribute just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.


Beth said...

Thanks, Laura! Good info and great pics!

Kylie B said...

Thanks for the wonderful info can't wait to read more :)

stargazer29609 said...

Great info, I love A Fanciful Twist and have several of her prints. Hoping one day to get an actual piece of art from her.
I am writing a photo tips artical. Right now my day job is interupting, my collection is due and I have to finish that. I will get it to you guys soon.

Nora said...

Hi Laura, again ,great info and advice. I love the red roses pic.too.Beautiful!


great guide to learn about blogging! ;-) thanks!!


great tips and tools to blogging!! thanks!! ;-)