Friday, 13 June 2008

Successful Bloggers

"Spring Picnic" Blaze Danielle

This weeks post is an interview by Blaze Danielle, "a university student who finds herself being inspired often and twirling much." Blaze's blog was one of the first I found on my enrty into blogland and I have watched it and her shop grow and grow over the last few months. Here is a sneaky peek into her world.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your creativity:
I love to create. If I’m not creating, I’m planning on what I’ll create next. I love to make lists of ideas, take walks, and browse old dusty children’s books for reference and inspiration. Painting and creating allows me to make up a place I wish to be, and there’s nothing more exciting than that.

2. When did you start your blog and why? I started my blog (seriously) last year in November, after browsing on Etsy and peeking into other artist's worlds. There are so many amazing and beautiful blogs out there, that if you read too many, you've just got to start one yourself!

"Picture Taker" Blaze Danielle

3. How has blogging affected your business? I love blogging! Most of my sales come from amazing blog friends. It is a great way to stay connected with the crafting community, and it also allows me to share some of my life with friends. Blogging also allows me to see into other people's creativity, and I most always end up a customer too!

"Pink Morning" Blaze Danielle

4. You have a great readership, what advice would you give beginners for drawing readers in and back again? I think the best way is to keep people excited about what you're doing. I like to look at other people's blogs that keep me coming back, and I ask myself why I'm so interested. I think it is because I feel a personal connection to them, and because they are always into something new. I also feel that it is important to have a large percent of my posting be my own artwork. That way, my blog friends can get excited about what I'm creating. And lastly, I definitely think it's very important to have an aesthetically pleasing blog. If it is obvious that the reader put a lot of time into it, I think it will do better.

5. Do you have tips or advice to share that you have learned along the way? I have definitely learned that there is no shortcut for time, effort, and hard work. Sometimes the crafting business feels competitive and intimidating, but if one loves what they do, I think they can find that extra spark that helps them do well!


Victoria said...

Blaze Danielle is such a delightful artist! Lovely interview!

nuvonova said...

Great interview and really beautiful art!


Is great to know more about you, Lovely art! "Spring Picnic" made me feel like a little girl again! lol :-) so charming !!! ;-)