Friday, 3 April 2009


The March challenge for the team was Sprouts where we assembled a moodboard of inspiration including a colour palette that we could all follow. Photos courtesy of peertje, Lala, and gareth.barlow.
We thought of green and spring and new wonderful life sprouting in the earth. As always, this exceptionally talented team was inspired to create amazing pieces! Here are just a few.
Daintycrochetbyaly always creates beautiful crocheted items, no matter what the season.

This challenge inspired CelesteCraft to create a whole new line of Sprouts hats.

Even from the southern hemisphere, AllThingsPretty was able to create this exquisite headpiece for the challenge.

The colors of this felted scarf by Amysfunkyfibers makes you feel the warm air.

Knittingguru created this lovely spring floral piece to wear, regardless of the weather.

Leave it up to Kristensteinfineart to bring spring to your home with her nature inspired paintings.

For your little sprout, Barbaralousboutique has created this absolutely adorable dress.

These earrings by capitolagirl just scream spring.

Nuvonova uses gorgeous spring colors in her journals.

Here's my new favorite t-shirt from Octopedalarts.

Love the Victorian style of these wrist warmers from Happiknits.

And I have to sneak in my own creation for the challenge, from ThirdFloor.

Well, maybe that is more than a few but this team created so many amazing things, I has to treat your eyes to more than a few! Search "fdlmarch" on Etsy to find more great Sprouts challenge items from this team. Search "fdlteam" to see all of the team's wonderful creations.

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CelesteCraft said...

Awesome! Thanks for cramming in all of us!

Nora said...

Beautiful pictures and crations
What an awesome team!

nuvonova said...

Beautiful work everyone!

ei! kumpel said...

wonderful items and a very inspiring challenge!


The moodboard is perfect and everyone is an inspiration, thanks girls! very nice job! :-)

capitolagirl said...

Love all of the Sprout-themed items--nice work team!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spring is here - I even feel it here in NZ after all those fabulous pieces evreybody!!
Debra x

Becca said...

Beautiful pieces everyone!