Monday, 20 April 2009

Paper Dolls (April Edition - The Reveal)

Paper Dolls April 2009:

The Reveal

It's time to reveal what readers picked for this month's virtual fashion game--where readers and FDL Team Members help to coordinate an outfit based on an inspiration piece. This month's shop round up started off with a bold, black and white graphic print tube top from FDL Team Member jinxydv8.

from Jinxedasposed Clothing

Her tube top (made from an upcycled black and white printed shower curtain) has been fabulously finished off with these suggestions from FDL blog readers and FDL Team Members...

About Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls is a new virtual fashion game being hosted by the FDL Street Team blog. In each edition of Paper Dolls, an FDL Team member picks a fashionable inspiration piece and writes a blog post seeking coordinating item suggestions by readers. Reader suggestions can be from ANY seller's shop on Etsy, and are left in the Comments area of the blog post along with links to matching items. Then, when the author has a completed outfit (based on the inspiration piece and the author's picks from the comments), the author writes a follow-up blog post to reveal whole outfit.

Come join the FDL Team again, the May Edition of Paper Dolls is coming soon!

This edition written by FDL Street Team Member Susan of Capitola Girl Jewelry and the Capitola Girl blog.


greavesdesign said...

thanks so much for pairing my chantilly lace cuff with this fabulously creative ensemble!
(& thanks to Debra for suggesting it)!

Anonymous said...

It all looks fabulous Susan, I'd love to see it altogether on a model! My pleasure Carol, your gorgeous Chantilly Lace Cuff appeared in my mind as soon as I saw the top so it was easy ha!
I wish I was slim enough to wear all this, I love the whole outfit. Paper Dolls is SO much fun - thanks so much for creating this feature Capitola Girl :-)
Good luck to all the talented sellers. Love Debra (AllThingsPretty) x

nuvonova said...


onstage69 said...

I love this look!!!
thank you so much for including my bracelet!!!

creationsbyeve said...

gorgeous picks all!!!

Becca said...

Great job all! I L*O*V*E* that mini skirt. Probably would need surgery to fit into it, but I love it none the less :)


very cool!! :-)

Beth said...

What an awesome outfit you put together!!!