Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Second loan to Kiva!

We just made our second loan to a small business on Kiva!  Anees Fatima M. Shabir lives in Pakistan and buys clothing for her husband's business.  This loan will help her and others in her group to expand their businesses, creating stable sources of income for women.

Our group, the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team on Etsy, has decided to donate 10% of the sales price of select items in their individual shops and the team shop to helping other businesses throughout the world through Kiva.org.  If you want to help us out, please search Etsy.com for items tagged "fdlkiva".  Know that you are purchasing beautiful, quality handmade items ... and helping others trying to build their businesses around the world!

Yay team!!!  You are the best!


Monday, 27 October 2008

Paper Dolls second edition, a basic with a ruffled touch.

We started with this pair of lovely shoes By Alexander Mc Queen

I had chosen this little black dress, that can take you anywhere
and you will look just great without thinking too much, what to wear.
To find this beautiful dress and more, please visit. Clairelafaye
To complete a classy look let's add this clutch by Daphne

Thanks for the entries. Have a great day.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Team Happenings 10/24/2008

Congratulations to one of our newest members, kristensteinfineart who was featured in her first treasury ... and it made it to the front page of Etsy!  What a thrill for a new seller!  

We had two other members hit the Front Page this week.  Our FP goddess, Becca of Happiknits, was featured there this week.  Rarely does a week go by without Becca's fabulous knits being chosen and featured on that coveted place on Etsy.  This is one of my new favorites from her shop.  Luscious color!  

Thirdfloor (blush, blush, that's my shop!) made it to the FP, too!  I was dancing madly as it is only the second time that I was featured there.  Many thanks to Morelle for including me in her lovely treasury!  Her shop is beautiful.

Celestecraft has a wonderful giveaway on A Tad Bit Prudish blog.  This gorgeous silk shawl can be yours just by commenting on the blog.  Go here to find all the details and win yourself this fab shawl!  

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Monday, 20 October 2008

Team Happenings 10/18/08

Here's all the fabulous team happenings from last week!

Rebeccasartcloset was featured in a fabulous selection of Fall finds on FookaDesigns.  Love the beautiful selections!  Congrats to Rebecca for being included!

Susan of Capitolagirl was listed by Girlfriendology as one of the top Etsy stores you would  recommend to a girlfriend!  

She was also featured on Women-prenuer Galore!  Yay Susan!  You go girl!

CelesteCraft was the featured artist on this week's Etsy Artist Lounge!  This is such a cool idea and a great feature!  Congrats to Celeste!

The ever cute items from Margarida at eikumpel were featured on the Paper Girls blog.  We always love getting to know our artists from this international team!  You rank so high on the cuteability scale, Margarida!!

And, of course, we bow to our FP goddess, Becca of Happiknits, as she made it to a Front Page treasury on Etsy once again!

We also want to welcome new members, including BelleCheri, KristenSteinFineArt and Veena, who has two shops, knittingguru and burrybabies.  Welcome to the team!

Thanks to all the artists for making this such a wonderful team!  Please check out all of these great shops (in red) and the blog posts (in blue).


Link of the Week!

Hello my lovelies! 

Today I want to share a site that I it's among my favourites. Zen Habits it's a great blog, with lots of interesting content. According to Leo, the owner: 

"Zen Habits is one of the top blogs on the Internet, and covers: achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits."


xx margarida

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Papers Doll 2nd edition, let your imagination Fly!

This season the charm of the ruffled are seen from clothes to accesories, I am really in love with the girly look of them, so for the second edition, I am bringing you something just for her!....

Check out these pair of shoes, if you are not the type of girl who could wear high heels, at least once you were a child and dreamed about wearing some like those!

The color is a basic!, so you have plenty of options, let your mimagination go wild...

Here is the link for the fab shoes.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Paper Dolls, 1st Edition, Final Copy

Wow!!  Everyone help me create a gorgeous outfit for my button skirt!  Check out all these creative handmade items from Etsy ...

This is the fabulous side button skirt from leTrainBleu that I started with:

DaintycrochetbyAly started me off with this gorgeous blouse from Mirthquakeclothing:

Perfect for the high waist on my skirt!  Check out all the details here.

Formglassfireworks added this necklace from BeadsintheBelfry.

Just love it!!  I think this would look fantastic with so many things!  Check it out here.

Capitolagirl added this to-die-for clutch from UrbanHeirlooms.

Oh, their leather goods are just perfect!  Check out this item's listing here.

PrettyLittleThings will have me wearing some bling from FireFallStudios.

Oh, yes, some sparkle and shine!  Check it out here.

And lastly, Happiknits will have me wrapped up in this aptly named Ethereal Wrap from bonzie.

Oh, yes, the perfect topper!  You must check this one out here!

Watch for our second edition of Paper Dolls coming soon!  Meanwhile, I am off to shop for these fabulous items.  Check out all the stores (links in blue) and these GORGEOUS items (links in red).  Thank you to all the readers who helped pick the perfect outfit to match my skirt.  Thank you to all these wonderful artisans for making the world a more beautiful place!


Friday, 10 October 2008

Team Happenings 101008

A busy week on the fashion front at Etsy!

One of our newest members, sewnagain, was featured on the Etsy Alberta Team blog.  Welcome to Alison!  We loved hearing more about you and your craft!

Another one of our new members, formfireglassworks,  was featured on the CGGE (Creative Glass Guild of Etsy) blog.  Great interview!  Read it here! So excited to have a glass artist on the team.  Welcome!

Our Front Page goddess, Becca of Happiknits, was featured twice this week.  Her items are so chic - we know why everyone loves them for the FP!  For more of her lovelies, please check out her shop here.

We welcomed a record number of new members this week, from fashion designers and beauty products, to knitters and illustrators.  Please check out the shops of these incredibly talented new members:  cherrycrushshop, gabbeyxxx, design7, sewnagain, formfireglassworks,  delightworthyn, celestecraft, and soulfulstyle.  Please click on their names to see all of their great creations.  We look forward to seeing more of their work and hearing their creative voices on the team!

Watch for more news on our next team challenge - the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team takes on Project Runway!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 9 October 2008

We Have Another Winner!

Congratulations to Wendy of nandahandcrafted on Etsy!!!  She won these beautiful earrings from capitolagirl in our September contest!

Time is running out ... the deadline is October 15th to win the final prize!  For more details, check out the September Contest post here for how to enter.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Paper Dolls - First Edition

Here's the first edition of the new feature from the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team on Etsy.  Named Paper Dolls, this feature starts with a member choosing a fashion item that they have found that they love.  Like the childhood game of paper dolls, we will add items from Etsy that we think will look smashing with that first item.  Let's build a complete outfit for our virtual paper doll!  Just post a comment with the link to the item from Etsy that you think will look great on this paper doll!

Our first item .... 

I have fallen in love with this side button skirt!  It's up to all of you to help me find the perfect look using this skirt!  I can't post the actual picture of my fabulous fashion item, but you can find it here!

I will post next week with my complete outfit that I have chosen from your suggestions!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Link of the Week! VI

Hi there! Today I bring you a fabulous link: burdastyle. It's heaven for the ones that sew and also for the ones that dream to sew (me!!). The site works as a community, so you can find tones of patterns, forums to discuss all your questions and even a sewpedia!

I want to learn how to sew... I'm having urges to make my own clothes (or at least some of it!).
Enjoy the link and have a lovely week!

xx margarida