Friday, 10 October 2008

Team Happenings 101008

A busy week on the fashion front at Etsy!

One of our newest members, sewnagain, was featured on the Etsy Alberta Team blog.  Welcome to Alison!  We loved hearing more about you and your craft!

Another one of our new members, formfireglassworks,  was featured on the CGGE (Creative Glass Guild of Etsy) blog.  Great interview!  Read it here! So excited to have a glass artist on the team.  Welcome!

Our Front Page goddess, Becca of Happiknits, was featured twice this week.  Her items are so chic - we know why everyone loves them for the FP!  For more of her lovelies, please check out her shop here.

We welcomed a record number of new members this week, from fashion designers and beauty products, to knitters and illustrators.  Please check out the shops of these incredibly talented new members:  cherrycrushshop, gabbeyxxx, design7, sewnagain, formfireglassworks,  delightworthyn, celestecraft, and soulfulstyle.  Please click on their names to see all of their great creations.  We look forward to seeing more of their work and hearing their creative voices on the team!

Watch for more news on our next team challenge - the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team takes on Project Runway!

Have a great weekend!




welcome to all new members !!!

Go fdl!! :-)

Beth said...

Yes, welcome to all the new members!

my little Aura said...

Go girls!!!!
this is a great team!

Becca said...

Welcome newbies!! This team is growing in number and talent!!

ei! kumpel said...

this team is on fire!! :))

A warm welcome to all the new members!


capitolagirl said...

Hi FDL Team, You've been tagged!