Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Paper Dolls (Edition 4): The Big Reveal

FDL Paper Dolls: Fourth Edition
(The Big Reveal!)

The suggestions for the Fourth Edition of the Paper Dolls are in...and here's our fourth virtual fashion outfit a la FDL's Paper Dolls.

It started out with a vintage Inspiration Piece from Rebecca's Art Closet:


Burlap British Bunchie from
(suggested by

Autumn Cream Wrap from
(suggested by

Sleeveless Gathered Front Top by
(suggested by

(suggested by rebecca)
(suggested by rebecca)

About Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls is a new virtual fashion game being hosted by the FDL Street Team blog. In each edition of Paper Dolls, an FDL Team member picks a fashionable inspiration piece and writes a blog post seeking coordinating item suggestions by readers. Reader suggestions can be from ANY seller's shop on Etsy, and are left in the Comments area of the blog post along with links to matching items. Then, when the author has a completed outfit (based on the inspiration piece and the author's picks from the comments), the author writes a follow-up blog post to reveal whole outfit.

Come join the FDL Team again, the Fifth Edition of Paper Dolls is coming soon!


delight said...

What no hat!!!Otherwise it looks great,really.

Beth said...

It looks great!! Love that sleeveless top!

capitolagirl said...

We DO have a hat- just had to hold off until I got the OK to post it! Now its topped of just right!

Karma by Morgan said...

Im so proud of everyone!


what a great look, congrats everyone for so much work on the blog! :-) lovely skirt rebecca!! :-)