Thursday, 21 August 2008

Shh ... Sharing Hearts and Hands

The Fashion, Design and Lifestyle team on Etsy is proud and excited to announce their new lending project with Kiva (, a charitable organization who lends money, donated from individuals and groups, to small businesses throughout the world.  The fantastic thing about Kiva is that, once the loan is repaid, the lender can allocate the money to another small business.  It is the gift that keeps on giving!

We decided to invest in Kiva because it helps small businesses like ours and it is international, just like our team.  It is our way of reaching out to the larger world.

We are calling our project "Sharing Hearts and Hands", or Shh for short.  What we make with our hands we give from our hearts.

Sellers on the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Team, lovingly referred to as FDL, have decided to contribute 10% of the sales price on items marked "fdlkiva" in the tags.  Once the fund reaches $25, we will allocate these proceeds to help support an international small business whose market and products are similar to ours.  For every $25 that we collect, we will continue to contribute towards as many businesses on Kiva that we can.  Once loans are repaid, we will reinvest in another Kiva business.

To help us achieve our goals and help the world, please search for keyword "fdlkiva".  Remember, 10% of the sales price will go towards our Kiva fund!

Watch here for progress towards our goals, as well as information on the businesses that we invest in.

For more information about Kiva, please click on the link in the left side bar.

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ei! kumpel said...

I'm so proud of this team! this is a great and marvelous thing that we are doing!
go Kiva!

Nora said...

Sweet and amazing job!

Karma by Morgan said...

A great way to give back!

Beth said...

Yes, this is an amazing team! I am so proud to be a part of it!


I am very Glad we are going to be choosing the first business very shortly!, thanks to all who made it possible!! :-)

Becca said...

Thank you Beth for organizing this! You are an inspiring leader :)

roseworksjewelry said...

That's a really awesome idea!

_+*A Elite in Paris*+_ said...

This is really so BEAUTIFUL!