Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Our First EtsyBloggers Post - TulipsTreasureBox

The FDL Team is excited to have join the very active EtsyBloggers Team!  Our combined heads are spinning after reading through all that they do!  And to top it off, they were the Featured Team on Etsy.  You go team!

The featured member of the month is TulipsTreasureBox.  What fun to tool around her blog and shop on Etsy.  Her posts are wonderful.  I felt like I could hear her voice coming through her writing.  Check out her blog to learn more about her:

Her shop is full of beautiful items!  I loved the necklace featured above.  Look at that gemstone sparkle.  I wish summer were not ending here in the Northeast US .  What a perfect summer necklace!

And I really love these upcycled totes.  We are committed to the "no bag, please" concept, even if it means carrying our groceries home in our hands!  These totes would make that job so much easier!  Check out all her fabulous stuff at:

It was great fun to meet a member of this team.  Thanks for letting us share you with our blog world!



Karma by Morgan said...

I love upcycled totes too :) very cool! and yay us for getting it on with the etsy bloggers :)


I am very gald we just got accepted!! the totes are a great way to carry things around and a very beautiful commintment with our planet! :-)

Nora said...

what a gorgeous green neclace!I'm glad we were accepted at the etsybloggers.

Laura B said...

How exciting that we got accepted! I love those totes, now where would I go and what would I buy? Maybe stop by the FDL team shop?

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Thank you for the wonderful feature touching on my art and my craft.

Happy to have your team join ours.


ei! kumpel said...

how, so great we got accepted!

And I love those totes!

Becca said...

Oooooh pretty!! I will have to check out her shop :)

La Baleine à Plumes said...

Ho ho, I did my featured blogger post on the same necklace... with a different picture! Great taste we have lol! ;)