Thursday, 31 July 2008

Team Happenings 8/1/2008

I am finally back and ready to post about all the great things this team has been doing in July! What a fabulous team this is! I am personally very honored to be a part of such creative and supportive artists.

Our very own Aly was featured on PoshMama last week in Capitolagirl's Friday Findings. Check it out at:

More of Aly's beautiful crocheted necklaces can be found at her shop on etsy,

Nora, of, was the featured artist at etsyfest. It is always fun to read a bit about our members! Check the interview out at:

Morgan was featured on coolcraftymom! Read this great write up about Morgan's jewelry designs at :

She has other beautiful jewelry creations at Go take a look!

Ooooohhhh yes! Wear those beautiful earrings with the fab dress from Nora ... and dance the night away to "Purple Rain"!

I was featured as the Designer of the Day on HandbagDesigner101. Here's the link:

I currently am lacking in bags for sale but you can check out my other accessories at

Becca was featured on the Front Page at Etsy! TWICE!!!!! Quite an honor! Her hip, knitted creations can be found at

And, finally, Margarida was featured in a Storque article! Read what this featured buyer has to say about Margarida's great handmade creations:

All of her very cool creations can be found at

We would also like to welcome our three new team members: octopedalarts, fishyfacestudios and gracenapoleon. We are so excited to have these fabulous artists join the Fashion, Design and Lifestyle team! Check out their stores on Etsy for some wonderfully creative items!

Wow!!! this team really has so much going on! Congratulations to all of you wonderfully talented featured artists!
Good, happy team thoughts go out to Barbara and hew new baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!
Check our blog soon for news about our exciting August team challenge!
That's all she wrote, folks ...


Ms. Mara (the wedding blogger) said...

We're such a talented Team! Yippee!

Karma by Morgan said...

I agree! We are a greatly talented group :) I am so happy to be a part of it!!

Laura B said...

Aren't we all a bunch of busy bees! Welcome to all you new team members :)


Hello everyone! finally I got some little chance to really sit in front of the pc! I am so glad to read about the team, and all what is happening, this sure has been a busy week, I am glad to see new members and see the group working very hard!! let's just keep going and I am always here if you guys needs me to do something, have a wonderful weekend! Go team!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nora said...

Wow, how many talented people and a lot of news...our team is growing and moving and shaking!