Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Putting Your Best Face Forward by Happiknits

Many years ago, long before knitting was my passion, and pharmacy was my profession, I went to cosmetology school. I had high hopes of doing stage makeup(that never happened). I did, however, land a job at the cosmetic counter in a department store. I sold cosmetics and did some freelance makeover work for large cosmetic companies. I also did makeup application for all of my friends (and their friends) proms, weddings, special events. I even did my own wedding makeup~bindhis included! So now, my job really involves more recommendations on the medicinal side, but I am still in love with the world of cosmetics.

When the fashion design and Lifestyle team put out a call for blog writers I volunteered a monthly post reviewing cosmetic/skin care products, and giving some basic application advice. Us fashionistas need to put our best face forward. This month I am going to start with foundation, because it is the base of all makeup application, the "blank canvas" so to say. I feel it is most important to start with a clean, dry face. Apply moisturizer (I will review skin care in the future) my favorite is Hope in a jar by Benefit. Let the moisturizer sit a couple minutes~

There are two choices for makeup application, the daytime or the nighttime face. I will start with the Daytime face:

1. for the daytime or the summer I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It is a lovely, light way to "erase" any slight skin imperfections and give a move even toned, dewy, youthful look. It also has an SPF. I usually apply this with a makeup sponge and go, or you can use a little translucent powder over it to achieve a more matte look.

2. For the nighttime face the sky is the limit here. This is your chance to be playful! Enjoy your femininity. Here I use Mercier foundation primer first~ this helps to keep your foundation on longer.

-apply any spot concealer to blemishes or scars. I'm a big fan of MAC Select Coverup . This little tube lasts quite awhile and it's virtually invisible once applied.

-next I mix the Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with Mercier Oil Free Foundation in a 1 to 1 ratio. Dab on the foundation and blend, then blend again with a cosmetic sponge. The secret to a flawless, natural looking face is to blend!!!

- Here depending on the amount of "matte" look you wish to achieve you can apply translucent powder (again here I am a big fan of the Mercier line) or if you're really looking to get a matte finish MAC Studio Fix is a great product.

A word here about MAC Studio Fix. This is a great foundation that can be used alone (it is a powder foundation). It is an awesome product if you want a "fast" applying makeup. I use it on work mornings when I'm rushing to get out the door. It is not the best choice when you are having photos taken~ it makes you appear "washed out" and if you have drier skin it can be drying, especially in the winter.

-Remember to blend with a sponge. Don't forget important areas like the neckline, hairline and nostrils. You don't want to see a foundation line anywhere!

One last word here, remember the Golden Rule of being a girl~ No matter how late the evening, or how many cosmopolitans you've had, remove your makeup before going to bed, this is the easiest way to put your best face forward!



Wow Becca! This is wonderful! I loved reading this one, it can be so useful! Thank you very much!! :-)

Nora said...

nice, I love laura mercier by the way, one of my best friends sells her products at saks and I love to go there and visit her....very good post,Becca!

Laura B said...

great post and recomendations! I'll need to keep a look out for Laura Mercer here.

Fabulously Lizy said...

Yes, girls we must always wash our face before bedtime =)