Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Trend forecasting

Trend forecasting companies employ more designers then fashion houses. Fashion houses and independent designers do not publicly admit using trends forecasters...

They summarise top designer fashion shows and street wear. This specific website lives on the subscription basis (prices start at over £500 per 3 months of full access to the website).

They give a broad overview of trend coverage on colors, materials, clothing, graphics and accessories. They provide inspirational visuals, material for the mood, color boards and images from the catwalk shows and streets.

The TRENDSTOP (click the title to visit their website) is just one example which caught my eye whilst I was browsing the web and there are a lot of them (share the information on this if you found something amazing!).

Many forecasting companies put together style books and specification of prevailing and emerging styles, with predictions, suggestions for the next season.

New trends, according to Sue Jenkyn Jones (the author of "Fashion Design"), are supposed to arise from three main sources: high culture (fine art, classical music, theatre and so on), pop culture (TV, celebrities, music, movies) and low culture (activities pursued locally by special-interest groups, for example skateboarding).

The online Vogue home

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stargazer29609 said...

Great info Missbubbles.

Another great resorce is It is Vogue's web site. There you will find slide shows of complete collections from around the world. Each collection is show by Designer and season. Have fun checking it out.

This is going to be a great Team.