Tuesday, 18 March 2008


On 17 March I collected a nice bunch of enthusiasts to join the team which is amazing!
There are so many productive ETSY, there are so much people, looking for what they do best. In a short while I am going to add all of them to our member list and get some fun activities going. I am a newbie still and it all the ideas are still developing.
I would love the team to take a lead and be active and influential example. At the moment I am thinking of SKYPE conversations somehow arranged with the team members, so we can really talk to each other and share the ideas, see what we can do and how we would like the team to get organised. Marketing is an important bit. I am planning to place a link list to all the team members’ shops with short descriptions.

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decadentdiamond said...

Thank you Renata for coming up with this fantastic concept!

I can do various fashion related things, firstly, is this going to be the base?

If so, I could create a sort of 'widget' from the banner and put it on my blog for a start, (unless you already have one) I have a lot of fashion girlies in and out of it.