Monday, 3 November 2008

Paper Dolls (3rd Edition-Vintage): Do You Play?

Welcome to Paper Dolls (Third Edition)

Do You Play?

I'm a big fan of Vintage clothing, so for the Third Edition of the FDL Street Team's Paper Dolls game, I looked to the Vintage sellers on Etsy for virtual outfit inspiration. So, this edition's Paper Dolls inspiration piece is this beautiful Black Velvet Vintage Puffed Sleeve Dress (shown below) from theabomb shop at the online marketplace, Etsy.

Now... its your turn readers! Put your most fabulous fashionista hat on and help me create a memorable outfit fit for a diva!

Do You Want to Play? If so, here's how the Paper Dolls game works:

1. Take a good long look at this week's inspiration piece.

2. Browse ANY shop on Etsy ( and hunt for haute coordinates--I'm looking for suggestions for the whole ensemble--hats, jewelry, belts, scarves, shawls, purses, bags, shoes, hair accessories (and any other item(s) that you think would complete the look inspired by this outfit!).

3. Once you've found your items, come back and leave a comment and be sure to leave a link to your recommendations by including the item URL from Etsy.

4. (Optional) If you like this game and want to help the FDL Street Team pass the word on, click the "Stumble It!" link below so other can stumble across our new game too:

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I will be selecting items for the completed outfit soon -- so be sure to visit the FDL Team Blog next week for the big reveal! And, in the meantime, tell your friends about Paper Dolls and let them know they are invited to come play too.

This edition written by FDL Street Team Member Susan of Capitola Girl Jewelry and the Capitola Girl blog.


Beth said...

Susan, What a gorgeous find!! Love her shop. Found so many other great vintage items there I had to heart thte whole shop!

I am a wrap and cape kind of person and thought this one would look fantastic with this dress:

Have fun putting together your outfit!

MichellesCharmWorld said...

what a neat game!

How about these earrings:


what about this coat to cover you from the winter ahead while wearing that cute dress underneath?

Alex said...

hmmm, may i be bold enough to offer a sugestion...i think these shoes could be very cool with the dress:

silverdot said...

Oh what a gorgeous dress! I would go with a classic earring like this:

And for fantasyland - this clutch

kim* said...

its so vintage elegant

maryeb said...

What fun!
Here's a bag possibility

Becca said...

Oh lovely girls! She needs a rockin hat like this one from BoringSidney
I'm a hat girl :)

Kelly said...

If you are wearing a cape with the dress, this cape /sweater clip would go wonderfully.
and this pin

Alex said...

and i will put forward these earrings as well...same shop, but why not?

love2sew said...

How about this hair piece from chicallure's shop. Add just a little bit of color.

my little Aura said...

What about this bag

so many option this is so nice!

capitolagirl said...

Wow - I love the response...keep those suggestions from Etsy shops coming! Just so you know, you can even include suggestions from your own shops too :-)

Alex said...

hmm, what about this depending on the weather:

capitolagirl said...

--------GAME CLOSED----------
Thanks for all the fab suggestions. The coordinating items have been picked. Please stay tuned for the big reveal, we'll be announcing them very soon!
--------GAME CLOSED-----------