Thursday, 17 December 2009

December December...

Mercury Glass Bottle by

Hi everyone,

Can you get your head around it being mid December already? Well I hope you're all enjoying the buzz of this merry season - gathering favourite family recipes to bake, choosing what to wear for the parties, enjoying buying lots of wonderful handmade goodies for presents.... in our house it's actually not so much like this at all, not in this heat in the southern hemisphere!

I'd like to share with you some lovely Christmas and Holidays' items and images to give a feast for the eyes to get you in the mood where ever you are in the world right now... thanks to all the Etsy artists and designers for the following :-)

Land of Winter Wonder Original painting by

Tropical Santa Claus Pink Flamingo Dish by

Satin Baby Doll Carnie Cream and Gold DRESS and CUFFS, crude designs by Lana Guerra aoa at

... and finally for now..

Sterling Sea Glass and Pearls Bracelet by

Hope you enjoyed looking at these fine seasonal pieces,
love from around the world from the Fashion Design and Lifestyle Team X


Nora said...

very fierce,love the invention of this artists,great post Debra!

Barbara Lou said...

I want that flamingo plate! So cute! Thanks for a great post Debra!

Beth said...

Gorgeous choices, Debra!!!

my little Aura said...

Love them all!
Happy Holidays!

creationsbyeve said...

Lovely finds!Happy holidays!

pammi said...

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